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Best multiplayer fun we had on Android in a while

Innersloth LLC |
updated on March 21, 2024
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Completely free to play with cosmetic purchases and non-invasive ads
Play online or with your friends via local Wi-Fi
Extremely fun gameplay requires teamwork to win
Great online community


Controls feel a bit clumsy, especially using touch
Among Us
Price: $
Multiplayer gaming on the Android platform is exciting, but many games over-complicate the gameplay with many buttons and joysticks, trying to make the games similar to console equivalents. However, Among Us proves that mobile gaming fun is all about simplicity.

Among Us is a multiplayer game for 4-10 players. It's completely free to play, but it contains cosmetic items you can purchase, and it displays ads. You can host your own games with custom rules, or join public games. You can play with random people online, or with your friends via local Wi-Fi.

The game starts with all players sitting in the cafeteria. They need to work together to complete simple tasks on the spaceship. However, one (or several) of the players is an impostor. While the rest of the team needs to work, the impostor has some fake tasks to help him assimilate and the option to sabotage the ship. Also, the impostor can kill other players.

Once the team has a clue on who the impostor might be, or if they find a body, they can arrange an emergency meeting to discuss. Whoever receives most votes is kicked off the ship. The team can win by completing tasks or by voting all impostors off the ship. The impostor wins by successfully sabotaging the ship, or by killing all other team members.

When you host a game, it allows you to set some of your own options, like having multiple impostors, changing voting times, etc. It's the perfect game for your next friend gathering, and there's hardly anything wrong with it. Both the touch controls and the joystick feel a bit clumsy, though.
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